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How and when will I be paid? What are the payout options?

Payouts can be scheduled bi-weekly or monthly. Choose what’s best for you.

What’s the difference between a FAN SITE and a MEMBERSHIP SITE?

’FAN SITE’ is a phrase coined by our chief developer, Michael Sinclair. A FAN SITE is a portal (or hub) designed to focus your attention and guide visitors to different areas and products. You can sell PRODUCTS / CLIPS / SKYPE SHOWS / SNAPCHAT SUBSCRIPTIONS / CUSTOM VIDEOS / APPAREL / PRINTS / MERCH all through your FAN SITE, while creating a space to discover more about you.

Think about visiting your favorite artist or musician’s official site to check out where they’ll be performing, their latest single, new video, their favorite social media, buy some merchandise. A FAN SITE is where you can channel, build, grow, and make the most of your fanbase.

A MEMBERSHIP SITE is a natural extension of your FAN SITE. THE place to sell VIP ACCESS to your entire video and image catalog. MEMBERSHIP SITES are a great
addition to the business, but your FAN SITE is where you turn curious visitors into paying customers. Ultimately it pays to have both.

Are there any restrictions on who I can work with?

We want NSN to be your exclusive online sales venue and the best way to monetize.
Work with your choice of performers and producers to create content you can be proud of.

What billing system does NSN use?

NSN uses CCBILL for primary credit card processing. CCBILL is the only processor in the adult space that allows for tangible AND digital downloads, a must for maximizing your sales. You can also integrate PAYPAL and BITCOIN for select (non video) tangible goods such as apparel and offer even more options to your clients.

Am I locked into a contract?

Our standard (simple) agreement is for one year with a renewal option. And best of all, no penalties, cancellation fees, or hidden charges.

Can I change the look of my site later?

Yes. Most online marketing firms say change the look of your site once a year. While the initial layout is an important part of your platform and should be well discussed and thought out, we offer lots of ways to update or even completely change the design later.

It’s also important to note that changing things up too often isn’t as effective as sticking to a strong set of visuals and creating a unique and memorable brand image.

How much does my site actually cost? Are there any upfront costs to me?

There are no upfront costs to join. NSN works on a percentage of the actual revenue generated.

Who owns the content on my site?

You do. All materials remain the property of the producer.