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NEWSAVAGES.COM  today announced the launch of KAYLANI’S official website KAYLANILIVE.COM as the very first platform on the newly formed NEW SAVAGES NETWORK.

KAYLANI LIVE represents the cutting edge of online destinations, gives the legendary performer unparalleled access to her massive fanbase and social media audience, and the immediacy of an official fan site combined with SHOP.KAYLANILIVE.COM the source of all her branded product lines.

“I’m super stoked..” says Kaylani. “It took me a while to find the right group to work with.. but suddenly now I run my own brand in every sense of the word. I have a direct connection to the fans and a perfect way to create quality content and control the message I want to send.. it’s so amazing! NSN are like a dream team. As collaborators, they handled me just right.”

KAYLANI LIVE has already exceeded expectations and is quickly becoming a mega hit with its offerings, namely VIP Snapchat, Skype, and Custom Video features, as well as autographed DVDs, Fine Art Prints, and Personal Apparel. With new features and products coming all the time and a nonstop stream of very entertaining uploads by Kaylani herself, it’s a never before seen look inside the life of a very unique star.

NEW SAVAGES was created by acclaimed director JACKTHEZIPPER, in collaboration with web developer Michael Sinclair, to provide performers with the necessary infrastructure, support, and technology needed to control their own brands and destiny in an ever changing media environment.

“Kaylani is really cool in person and super hysterically funny. a natural born performer. We shot her entire site from scratch together over the summer without really telling too many people what we were up to, so it was mad fun and stealthy and a total mirth fest from start to finish. I think we’re both equally happy with how it turned out.” said Jack.

“NEW SAVAGES was a natural extension from working with JACKTHEZIPPER on his own branded site. I’ve developed quite a few fansites for talent in past but there is always an obstacle or two along the way. For JACKTHEZIPPER and his team to offer a more structured offering in the way talent can monetize their brand is not only unique but empowering for those looking to control their own voice and present a custom vision.” said Michael Sinclair.

NEWSAVAGES.COM is set to launch official sites for other high profile talent over the next quarter and is accepting new performers into the NEW SAVAGES NETWORK based on common goals and attitudes about the industry and how to maximize success and independence for like minded professionals.

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Kaylani can be found on Twitter at and Instagram at