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Nikki Hearts Is New Director of Artist Relations for New Savages

Nikki Hearts Is New Director of Artist Relations for New Savages

New Savages Network (NSN) has signed director/performer Nikki Hearts as their official Director of Artist Relations, said a spokesperson for NSN.

Hearts is a Los Angeles based creator, producer, and photographer, who began her career as a performer in 2011, and has evolved into a prolific and well-respected writer, sex educator, activist, and filmmaker in the adult industry.

Nikki was selected after an extensive search by NSN founder, director Jack the Zipper, based on her sterling reputation among fellow performers and industry members, as well as a unique and highly developed skill set.

“Nikki is super-talented and the perfect choice for the network,” said Jack. “It took the better part of two years to put the perfect team together, get up and running, and have some success. We were looking high and low the entire time for someone special to complete the circuit and for everyone connected with NSN to rally around. All paths led to Nikki.”

“When I began working in adult, the goal was always to make a change for the better,” said Nikki. “After seven years of experience and perspective working in every corner of the industry, I think helping to maximize the potential of every performer is the best possible thing to be doing. New Savages came along at the right time, and with the right approach for me to dive in and make an impact by utilizing the skills I’ve been honing over the years.”

The New Savages Network was crafted to provide what every performer and content creator needs: real world infrastructure. NSN keeps their approach simple: A specialized team that offers an optimized way to collaborate, create content, digitally market, and take control of their body of work, their traffic, and their brand and image. Above all, NSN is a platform designed to grow and maintain a sustainable fanbase and revenue stream, without any gimmicks, cost, or unnecessary moving parts.